My name for the purpose of this introduction carries little to no weight. However, what is even more important than my name, age, my hobbies and my career, is that I am a survivor of domestic violence. My life has been a revolving door for almost ten years now when dealing with my abuser. I am finally coming to an end, well at least legally speaking, and I can now share with you parts of me that I have kept between me, myself & I for so many years.

I hope you join me on my journey & grow with me through acceptance & forgiveness.

If you want to know more about my struggles, trials, adventures (yes, there were in fact some) you will just have to come along for the ride.

At the end of the day, I am just me. I am not perfect by any means, and I have made some very questionable decisions, and have lost more in my short time on earth than anyone could ever imagine. I have been given a chance to start again, and I am grabbing it by the horns. Would I change a that happened to me? No. The reason being is that those experiences and life lessons have shaped me into who I am today and will continue to do so for many years to come.

I am a tough cookie, the kind of person who would fight and die standing for what she believes in. I am unapologetic yet honest and good to the bone. I just fell in love with the wrong person many moons ago and it changed the entire direction of my life. But here I am: proud to be wearing myself once more & ready to spread the message and advocate for those who can not, those who are still suffering & those who need a friend offering a helping hand. I am your girl with a load roar.

Goodbye to the girl in the room: the doors are broken down and I am ready to join the living once more.

~Being fearless & flawsome in the 613~


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